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Job Recommendation Service Agreement

Below are the norms and terms that applicants, when soliciting Job Recommendation Services and submitting resumes to Decode & Encode Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), are required to consent to. Please confirm your agreement before proceeding with the resume submission.

Article 1: (Scope of Service)

The applicant is willing to agree that from the date of this contract, within one year, the company will provide services such as job referrals. The agreed service items are job referrals. The company also undertakes not to charge any fees to the applicant.

Article 2: (Obligations of the Applicant)

The applicant should provide the necessary resume when requesting job referrals.

Article 3: (Obligations and Responsibilities of the Company)

The company shall exercise reasonable care to efficiently and properly provide job referral services according to the contract, introducing in detail the agreed employment conditions to both parties.

The information and documents provided shall not be used for purposes unrelated to the objectives of this contract. Upon termination or expiration of this contract, unless otherwise consented to by the applicant via email at that time, the company shall destroy the retained copies.

The company shall not require Party A to purchase or promote goods, join direct sales, solicit or purchase insurance, or engage in similar activities.

Regarding the information collected about Party A, if processed by computer, its use shall comply with the regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act for computer processing.

Article 4: (Termination of Contract and Liability for Damages)

Either party may terminate this contract at any time.

If termination of the contract according to the preceding paragraph causes damage to the other party, the terminating party shall be liable for compensation. However, if termination is due to reasons not attributable to the party concerned, this limitation does not apply.

When the applicant is liable for damages according to the preceding paragraph, the amount of compensation shall not exceed NT$10,000.

Article 5: (Place of Notification)

Notifications of intention from both parties shall be delivered to the email addresses stated in this contract. Any changes should be notified via email to the other party.

Delivery based on the aforementioned notification address, if unable to be delivered, shall be deemed legally delivered to the other party five days after the date of sending the certified letter.

Article 6: (Others)

Any matters not covered by this contract shall be resolved fairly in accordance with relevant laws, customs, good faith, and principles of fairness and mutual benefit.

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